Saturday, 15 August 2015

Liberation through knowledge


The  Gita  revisited
Liberation through knowledge. 

             Ignorance  of the  self  is the cause of our bondage  and hence it can be removed  only by knowledge.of  our infinite  nature . ,just as  darkness  in a room can be removed  instantaneously  only by switching on  the light in that room.  Adi  Sankaracharya  says  in the  Atma Bodha  that  without  jnanam  no liberation is  ever possible. 

          The  knower  is within us  as the sakshi chaitanyam of  all our thoughts  and  actions. This   chaitanyam  lends  its existence  to the body-mind- intellect  and  as life it  holds it  together  but  when   the life  leaves the body  , the  dead body  without  consciousness  becomes   fit only  to be disposed off   Consciousness  gets reflected  in the mind-intellect   and makes the individual a bhokta  of all his thoughts . When in individual knower comes  to know  his  swarupa  ,the  identification with the  body,mind, intellect  gets  dissolved  that very instant.  The  knowledge , that  one  is none other than the  infinite Knower  , when  gained  ,remains  with  the realised   master  at all times, places  and under all circumstances  , he does  not fall back into ignorance  again. 

            The  scriptures say " sravana matrena moksha  "  . This  is possible  for the  seeker  who by just hearing  the  Truth  "  Tat Twam Asi "   from a  Guru  ,gets  liberated. and  claims  " Aham Brahma Asmi . " For  the  majority of us   ,seekers, we need  to approach a Guru  with  sraddha  and  humility  and  do  sravana,  and manana    for many long years   and  then do nidhidhyasanam   to realise  the Truth  within  and get liberated   from bondage. . Scriptures  assure us   that  we can  attain  liberation through knowledge  in the here and now  , in this very life. 

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