Sunday, 9 August 2015

Realising the knower , the Ksetrajna


The  Gita  revisited
Realising  the  knower, the Ksetrajna. 

         Lord  Krishna  explains  the nature  of the knower  in six verses. The  argument put forth here  to assert  that the knower is birthless  and deathless  is 'that  which  knows birth    must exist before birth  and that which knows  death must  exist after  death. ' .The  knower  exists at  all periods  of time  .  So  the knower is birthless  and  deathless .The  knower is beyond  sat and  asat. It  is beyond the  gross  and subtle , it  is the illuminator of all that is  present and absent , existing and  non - existing  ,  it is the  substratum of all  that is manifested and  that which is yet  to be  manifested.  The  knower gives  existence  and  life to all things  and yet remains  unaffected by them . The  knower is both inside  and outside as the illuminating  Self  within and  as  the substratum  of the  world  outside  the individual. 

         The  knower  is  both  near  and far, the  knower  being  me  ,myself  is  therefore   nearest to me  but  for an extrovert mind  , the  Self  is very far  . The  knower illumines  both knowledge  and  ignorance  of  the  object  as well as the process  of knowing . To  know  this  knower  , ksetrajna  , all we need to do  is to know  within us  the  knower Himself  and  the  mind has to realise  that  the  individual knower  and  the Infinite  Knower  are  one and the  same . In realising  the knower, will I make it  an object of   my knowledge ?. Vedanta  says  , the knower  is  always  the  subject  and is never  the object . All  I have  to do to know the  knower is  to  realise   the knower  to be  my own very Self . We  have  to realise the oneness  of the  individual with  the  Infinite  Knower. 

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