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Three steps to perfecting the mind.


The  Gita  revisited.
Three steps  to perfecting  the mind. 

                    The  14th  chapter deals  with the management of the mind .  We  can attain perfection by managing our mind right. We  have  seen the  qualities  of a perfect man in some  previous  pages  that  he  has a perfect mind because  he has learned  to manage  his mind well. . He  has no anxieties  ,worries or   mental agitations   about  birth, death  or rebirth   or about  the various  challenges  that he has  to face  in his  daily  life. 

                    A perfect mind  can be achieved  through   the three steps  of  knowing  ,tuning  and transcending  the mind. . The  first step is knowing  the mind.   Psychologists say  that  only a very small part of our mind is known to us,while the  major portion is  submerged  in the  subconscious.  The  mind that  is  known to us  is  made up of thoughts  . Mind  is insentient  in nature  because  it is after all matter only. . This  mind  is  enlivened  by the reflection  of consciousness  and because of which it  gains  the capacity  to know  and  become  aware  of things. We come  to identify  with our thoughts  and become  the knower  and  enjoyer  of    our own thoughts. This  identification  then becomes  a cause  for our  bondage. 
              The  second  step  lies  in tuning  the  mind  which  means  the  strings  of the  mind  should  be  neither  too loose   (  tamasic  ) nor too tight   (  rajasic  )   but  just  right   (  sattvik ) like  any  stringed  musical instrument  to bring out  music  when  played  on . The  third step  is  transcending  the mind  . It  is the identification  with  the  mind  and its  qualities  that  creates  the  sense  of  ' me ' and ' mine'  that  binds  us .When  I  inquire and  realise  that  I am the  Knower, the  witness  consciousness   and  not  the  known  objects  , I stop identifying  with my own body,mind,  intellect equipments   ,I then  transcend  the  mind. 

            Each of the three steps  will be  dealt  in detail in  the coming pages.  

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