Friday, 18 September 2015

Gunatita lakshana


The  Gita  revisited.
Gunatita lakshana .

                             We  have seen  that an average man lives by his moods ,swayed by  his changing moods,and  a discriminative  man tries  to hold  on to  certain good  moods . A Realised  Master  on the other hand has no desire  to bring in ,  maintain  or  remove  any thought or  mood . Thoughts  do come into his mind  ,but  they  are used  for  fulfilling  his  activities  for loka sangraha. . He  lives  as the infinite Self  beyond  his  mind  and  the sway of moods. 

                              The  average  man's mind   becomes  sattvik, rajasik, or tamasik in response  to external situations,whereas  a Realised  Master does not get carried away by them . He  is a silent  witness  of the play of the  world ,the mind  and its  gunas. . He  remains beyond them as  he is ever seated in perfection. , seated  in his  natural state. . While  the  ordinary man lives  identifying with his  body-mind-intellect equipments  ,he is always  ill at ease  with  himself. . The  Realised  Master  is called  a gunatita  by the Lord . He  is seated  in the  infinite Self  and  sees  the  infinite Self in all and  so  his behaviour towards  everyone  is  the same  under all circumstances . He  is always  in equipoise. 

                   Lord  Krishna ,while  concluding  this chapter says  that if   the tuning the mind and    transcending the mind are  difficult   for a seeker ,   he  can walk the path of devotion  , of  unswerving and  unconditional love for  God,which   is a sure way to reach  Him. So  the Lord  advises  us  to take refuge in Him.  

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