Monday, 28 September 2015

How to reach the goal ?


The  Gita  revisited.
How  to reach  the goal ?

                       The  Lord  says  that  only those  who have  given up  their  pride  and  delusion, , who have  ended  their  attachments  and  whose  minds  dwell  in the  Self  ,whose  minds are  free  from the  pairs  of opposites  , only  such  seekers , who  are undeluded , reach  the  goal  of  seeking  the  Divine   in themselves.  Pride  is  an over  exaggerated  estimation  of   oneself  and  delusion  is  an error  in  the  judgement   regarding  the  world  of objects  and  beings , it  means  that  one  gives  a false  value  to the  world  of objects  and  beings. . Both have  to be given up .

                   Secondly  ,the  evils  of attachments  have  to be  given up.  One  gets  attached  to the  pleasures  he derives  from  contact with  the sense objects  and  attachment  keeps  one  away  from having  any higher goal in life. . Attachments  to  worldly  objects  and  beings   to be  successfully  given  away  , should  be replaced  by  attachment   to  something  nobler. Thirdly,  Sri Krishna  says  that   the seeker's mind should always   dwell   in the  Self .

              Fourthly, all   finite  desires  should  be given up, says  the Lord. . It  is true that  it is only desires  that propel a person  to perform actions  . He  is  not  asked  to give  up desires  but  the  obsessions  with desires . The  intellect  must  be trained  not  to desire  finite  and  ephemeral things. . Lastly  ,the  seeker must be free  from   getting  affected  by the pairs  of opposites like  pain and  pleasure.  It  is  the  mind   that  experiences  the pain and pleasure .. The  mind  should become  free  from  dwandwas . 

           So   only  the  undeluded  reaches  the  goal    He  understands  that  Consciousness  expresses   Itself  through  the  matter  vehicles  and  he realises  this  Consciousness  as  his  own  true  Self. 

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