Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Knowing the mind -continued....


The  Gita  revisited .
Knowing  the mind -continued ....

                        Prakriti  expresses  itself in the  mind  through its  qualities-  the avarana  sakti,the veiling power. ,, the  projecting power, the viksepa sakti and  the discriminative power, the viveka sakti . Tamo guna  veils  and  blocks  our thinking capacity  ,making the  mind lose its discriminative power  or  it makes  the mind  think in the  wrong direction. . Tamas  make a man stay in inertia  and  hence court  laziness, dullness  and so on. 

                           Next  ,rajo guna  which has  the power  to project  (  viksepa sakti  )  , create, act and  so on ,  can create   an  illusion . When tamo guna  has done its work of veiling the  Truth  , rajoguna  projects  a world  of its own  and  we in our ignorance  come  to accept  the  illusory world  that has been  projected  by our own  viksepa sakti  , as real  . Hence  we come  to have  likes and dislikes , desires  and so on. and  come  to believe  that  the world of objects  gives us  happiness  . So we run after  the objects  and beings  to  derive  happiness  

                          Sattva  guna  exhibits  the  discriminative power, the viveka sakti  by  helping  us   to discriminate  the real from the  unreal. . Sattva  helps  to see  the Truth  , to see   ourselves  and   the world  as it is   without any projections  . It  is this  viveka sakti  that helps us  to discriminate  between  the real and  the unreal  and  to  give up the pursuit of the unreal  and  choose  the real. . The  discriminating power in us  helps us to detach ourselves  from the  false identification   with the  body, mind, intellect   and  to realise  the Truth. 


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