Thursday, 10 September 2015

knowing the mind, the discussion continues .


The  Gita  revisited. 
knowing the mind, the discussion continues. 

                     Continuing  the discussions  on the mind  ,we come to know  that  the quality  of our perceptions  makes  the  senses  sattvik rajasik  or  tamasic. . When  our perceptions  are  keen, sensitive and  focused  ,our senses  are said to be sattvik.  ,when  our perceptions  are unfocused  or confused ,they are  rajasik. and  when our perceptions  are slow and dull,they are said to be tamasic. 

                      The  gunas also affect  the life style  we adopt. . A sattvik person's  life style  is simple  living and high thinking  . Sattvik life style  makes  a person cheerful and friendly  .. The  life style  of a rajasik person  is  quite  an artificial  one and  here only selfish thinking guides him through all his actions. His  life style  is complicated  , selfish and  indulgent . A tamasik  life style  can turn out  to be  self destructive  , it is  ignoble  and  filled with  laziness  and  lethargy. 

                       Even the degree  of  awareness  one  has depends  on the  predominant gunas he has. . A sattvik person is aware  of himself  and sensitive  to his surroundings  and  has a general love  for  his  relationships  with the  entire  universe  and  God. . He  is called  a man-man,as his actions  are sattvik. . A rajasik person   is aware  only of  his own needs ,and  does not bother  much about others . Eat-drink-and  be merry will be  his attitude to life. . He  is  called  an animal man. . A tamasik person  is  unaware  of himself  and  others. He  cares  only about his  own immediate needs  and  is  called  a plant  or stone man.

                  The  aim of  man , in this journey called  life , should  be,  to raise  himself  from  his  tamasik state  to a rajasik  state  and  then  gradually  lift  himself  from  even  rajasik  lifestyles, to become  predominantly  sattvik, so  that  he  comes  to understand  the  importance  of attaining  the goal of realising  his  own true nature   .

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