Saturday, 5 September 2015

More on the three gunas of the mind.


The  Gita  revisited.
More  on the three  gunas  of the mind. 

                 All  gunas  are essential for us , sattva  for knowing anything  ,rajas  for   doing any  activity and  tamas  for  rest or  sleep. . Sattva  by itself  is pure and  reflects  our  Sat-Cit -Anand swarupa , but when it combines with rajas  and tamas ,it creates   in us  attachments  for subtler  pleasures  like,joy in learning or knowing. Since  they give us joy, we fail to even recognise  that they are  binding.  Sastra  vasana  -the love  for learning  the scriptures  is also  an over attachment  to learning and knowing. Scriptures advise  us  to give up   seeking  even  the  peaceful state  of meditation as  that becomes   an obstacle   for us  to experience  our own true  nature  of  absolute   Bliss. 

              Rajo guna  ,on its part, creates  desires  and  so compels  a man  to indulge  in endless activities  . When  desires  are fulfilled  ,they create greed   for  more, when desires are not fulfilled  ,they create  anger   and frustration . Rajo guna  manifests  as likes and dislikes  , anger, greed  and tension  ,all of which  create  grief  for  the  mind.  But  when rajo guna is  directed  towards  selfless  activities  ,it helps in cultivating  good virtues. 

              Tamo guna  binds  by attachment  to inaction and  non-thinking. . A person with a predominant  tamo guna is  happy being  lazy, indolent  and  forgetful ,  so  he  forgets  all his  essential duties   and   what to say  about  his forgetting  totally  his divine  nature. . Sometimes ,tamo  guna is  good  as it helps  to forget our  past  wrongs   or  the  wrongs  done  by others  to us. 

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