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The Purushottama yoga


The Gita revisited.
The Purushottama yoga.
                      The  Bhagavad Gita  is  one of our greatest scriptures about which every  Hindu could be really proud of and  the  fifteenth chapter   by itself  is a complete  scripture  as it  is  the summary  of the whole Gita. . No wonder then that  from ancient times  to the present times, this  chapter is  recited , before  taking food , as a form of prayer. . In this  chapter the  Lord speaks  about  the relative  and  absolute nature  of the  individual,, the  world  of plurality  where he  lives in  and   God  ,the creator  of  both. . The  Lord  describes  why man   comes to live in  bondage  , the  path  to free himself  from this  bondage  , the goal of life, , how  to attain  liberation -the Supreme Bliss.  Pujya  Gurudev Swami  Chinmayananda  says  ,"  this  chapter is one  of the rarest pieces  of literature  available  in the  world ,that  so directly  indicates  the Infinite "

                In  the  thirteenth  chapter , the  world  of matter  and  the realm of Spirit  ,were  described  . The  ever changing  finite world  is only a projection on the  Infinite and  all our sufferings  are  only due to our mis-apprehension  of Reality.   And  the  Kshetra  , the field of experience  , and  Kshetrajna  , the Knower  of the field , were clearly   explained  and we also came to understand  that   the Knower   of the field  minus  the  field of experience is  the Pure Consciousness. , which is  Infinite  and Eternal.  

               The  fifteenth chapter  discusses  the nature  of Spirit . The  world  of  the known   is the  manifested  objects  of Perceptions, Emotions  and  Thoughts . . We  all know  that an effect cannot be without a cause and  all effects   sustain in themselves  their own material cause.  for  example  : without cotton  ( cause  )  no  cloth  (  effect  ) could  exist. and  wherever cloth  (  effect  ) exists  ,it is sustained  by  cotton (  cause ). ,which  is its material cause.  The Spirit is defined  in this chapter as the Imperishable  , Infinite  , Changeless  Reality  , which is  the substratum   for this ever changing world of plurality.  The  Supreme Being ( Purushottama  ) is beyond  the  kshara  and akshara . 


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