Saturday, 26 September 2015

The tree of life.


The  Gita  revisited.
The  tree  of life.

                          Continuing  the  description  of  the  tree  of  life,  the ashwattha  tree  ,the  Geetacharya  says  that  the branches  spread upwards  and downwards   ,meaning,  sometimes man lives  a higher way of life  ,sometimes     ,he  falls to his lower  animalistic  nature .. These  urges  are  pushed  by his predominant  gunas  . In  the  tree are buds  ,which are sense  objects  ever  tempting  man to fulfill  the  demands  of  the   body and  mind. 

                        The  main roots  of  the  tree  of life  is  in the  Absolute  Reality  ,while  the secondary  roots  are  spread everywhere ,compelling  man  to  do actions  . They are  the vasanas ,which propel man  to fall into  the vicious  cycle   of  desires- action -fruits  of action -desires -action  . This  cycle  goes  on and  on  for  many  lives. . This  tree  of life  cannot  be  perceived  . It stands  for  man's entire  field  of  experiences   through  his  perceptions, emotions  and  thoughts  

                     This  tree  of life springs  from   avidya  and  ends  on the  realisation  of  the  Self  (  vidya ).  This  tree  of samsara  can be cut  by the  strong axe  of  detachment  . Having  cut  it with detachment  ,the  seeker  then has to withdraw  his  mind  more and  more  from  its  own  perceptions, emotions  and  thoughts  and  contemplate  on Him  ,the  Highest  Purusha  , and on reaching Him ,  he  does  not  return  . The  mind  has to retire  from external pursuits  and  the intellect  has  to be turned  to  the  Purusha  , the  Self  within  . The  seeker  should  seek  the Divine  in him. 

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