Thursday, 17 September 2015

Transcending the mind.


The  Gita revisited .
Transcending  the mind. 

              Transcending  the mind  is the third step the seeker has  to take   for managing his mind. . While  the jiva lives in this  world  ,it comes  into contact  with  objects  and beings of the world. ,which are also made up of the  three gunas. . When  the seeker's mind comes in contact with them ,his mind  also gets  affected  by their gunas. . The  mind  develops  attachment  to things  and beings of the world,thereby  creating  a bondage. .  The  mind also  has a tendency  to change  its moods  constantly, hence  it never stays on in sattva  state. It  is  the identification  with  the  mind  and its qualities  that creates  the sense  of ownership  of ' me'  and  'mine'  that binds  him. 

              Through  the enquiry  into the  nature  of the  Self  ,the  seeker  can  come  to know  whether  he  is  the  knower  of  his  mind  or  just  the  known mind  only. . When he realises  that  he is the  knower  ,the  Witness  Consciousness , different  from  his  body-mind- intellect  equipments  ,then  he transcends  his  mind  .and  then  the  various  moods do not affect him anymore.  It  is the gunas  born of prakriti  that  do all the  actions  . The  Self  is the  Witness  that illumines  all his  perceptions ,feelings  and thoughts. 

              So  a  Realised  Master , knowing  that he  is  the infinite immortal  Self  ,watches  the play  of prakriti  and  its gunas  and  remains  unaffected  by them,  for  he has transcended  his  mind  and  he abides  in the  Self. He  is called  a gunatita  by the  Lord. . He  has no more  likes  and dislikes  ,prejudices  or mood changes  . He  responds  to situations  appropriately  as  the situation demands .   

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