Thursday, 17 September 2015

Tuning the mind.


The  Gita revisited.
Tuning the mind. 

                  In  the three  steps  to  managing  the mind, tuning  the mind  is the second step  after  one knows  the mind. . The  strings  of  the mind should  be  neither  too loose  (  tamasic )  nor  too tight  (  rajasic  )but just  right  (sattva  predominant  ). . The  seeker  can tune  his mind in the  following ways .. He  should become aware  of the  play of gunas   on his  mind  and  to be aware  is to accept  what he  is without   justifying  or denying  . . He  has to be intellectually alert  . The  second positive   step  is  to objectively  analyse  how  and  why the  gunas  get aggravated  and trouble him. . He  should  recognise  his weaknesses  and  drop them. 

                  Thirdly  ,by taking a sattvik diet  ,his  sattvik guna  will increase  . The  sattvik diet  that is spoken of here  is not  only  about the  food he eats, it also refers  to all the sensory  impulses  that  enter  his mind through all his  sense organs.. He should  keep a watch  on all that he  sees, hears, talks,  reads, thinks  and so on. .  Fourthly, he can correct  himself   by observing  others  and  their  behaviour  for  instance  ,when  he  finds a man  always  boasting about himself  ,he  should  also check whether  he does  the same  

                 Fifthly, he  can also  sequentially  conquer  the gunas. . A tamasic person  cannot  be motivated  to do  selfless  actions. Hence  ,he  should  be motivated  to do  actions,  even if they are selfish actions,to get him out of his  laziness  and   inertia. . Later  on as  he gets out of his  laziness  and becomes  active, he   could be asked  to do one  selfless  action  once a week. . As  he continues  to do that  ,he gets a taste  of the joy in doing   selfless  actions  . So  he comes  to do more and more of selfless  actions  ,which  thereby increase  his sattva  guna.  As the  sattva  increases  he will   no more  be disturbed  by  rajasic and  tamasic  tendencies  . . So  the sequence  is  to travel  from  tamas to rajas to sattva  and  finally  to  pure sattva  state. . 

            Lastly, spiritual  practices  like  puja,   japa,  tapa ,  pranayama  ,swadhyaya  , parayana  ,meditation     all help  him   in increasing  the sattva  in him  and in tuning  the  mind. 

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