Saturday, 5 September 2015

Welcome home Krishna today.


The Gita  revisited.
Welcome  home Krishna   today.

                              Today is  Krishna  Janmashtami.  As  seekers  of Truth, let  us enquire  about  the significance  of  the birth of  Lord  Krishna.. He  takes  an avatara  to establish  dharma  on earth, to protect the  virtuous  and destroy  the  unrightuous  ,as  He  Himself  says in the  Gita. .The  Lord  was born in a prison ,signifying  that  we  too  are   born from our mother's womb ,which  is compared to  a prison. . Rebirth  in  different  yonis  (  mother's wombs )  signifies  the  continuation of bondage .

                           The  Lord  ,through  His  life  and  teachings  in the  Bhagavad Gita  , showed us  that  we can put an end  to  this bondage  through  following  the paths  of  karma, bhakti  and jnana  yoga and  attain  total freedom from rebirth. . In  the Kurukshetra  war  , being  unarmed  Sri,Krishna  was more  exposed  to the  enemy's  attacks  than even  Arjuna  ,who was  behind  Sri Krishna, but remember, Arjuna  was fully  armed  to protect himself. . Yet  the Lord  remained a  'mere  witness' ,to all that  was happening  around  Him, thereby  teaching  us  the art  of  detachment   and  developing  the  sakshi bhava  ,so that  we can give  up our  attachments, desires, likes and dislikes .

                        The  birth  of  the  Lord  will happen within us  only  when we perform unselfish work in a spirit of dedication and  surrender . Only  such a mind  ,when free from  all impurities  can become  the fertile  ground  for  the  birth of  Krishna, the Eternal Godhood  in us. . To  us,  Sri Krishna  is  the  son of  Devaki  , the darling  of the  Gopis ,  the friend  and  charioteer  of  Arjuna   and  that  He  has   a  definite  date  of  birth. .In  truth ,  He  is  that  Pure  Consciousness  , Existence  and  Bliss  , the  ultimate  Truth  that  we all have  to realise  in the here and  now.

                When  we , by constant  contemplation  , understand the Divine  birth and  the activities  of the  Lord  ,we put an end  to our limitations   and  reach  Godhood  .  and  we have  to  experience  subjectively  how  and  when  the  Supreme  Paramatma  (  Krishna  )  takes  its Avatara   ( birth ) in us.  We  do live  all our lives  as finite and mortal beings  going through  endless sorrow  and sufferings  but  when  at times  we  come  to exhibit  pure  selfless desires, have  we not  experienced  a divine  spark , though  momentarily  , manifest  in our  heart?   On  this happy  Krishna janmashtami   day, let us welcome  home  Sri Krishna  into our  hearts  with a pure  and loving heart  ,free  from all impurities. 

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