Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Who is God ?


The  Gita  revisited.
Who is  God  ?

                       God  is the  creator  and  the world  is  the  created. . This  is  only the  relative  relationship  between them . A seeker  would always  want  to know  God's  Absolute  nature  and  who He  really  is .The  three  laws  of creation  are :  every effect  has a  cause. the  world  is an effect  ,it must have  a cause. . The  presence  of the effect  shows  that there  is a  cause  . Second law  is  :the  effect  is  nothing  but  cause  in another  form. . God  created  the  world  out of Himself.  Hence  ,you will  find  in India,we  worship  everything  in nature  as God. . The    third law states  that  when  the  cause  has been  removed  from the  effect  ,then  nothing remains. . Remove gold  from ornaments,  remove  clay  from  pots  , nothing  remains. . The  ornaments  , the different  pots  are  only  names  and  forms  given  to gold  , to clay. . Remove  God  from the  world  ,nothing remains. 

                  God  is  self-evident  and  is  the  nature  of  Consciousness.  It  is  because  of  God that   the  sun, the  moon and  fire   exist, function  and  illumine   all else.  The  sun is  the presiding  deity  of  the  eyes ,representing  the  five  sense  organ  of perception , the  moon  that  of  the  mind  ,which represents  the   inner  equipment  of  mind ,intellect  memory  and ego. ,  fire  of  speech  represents  the  5 organs  of actions  ,  God  cannot  be perceived  by  the  eyes,  conceived  by the  thoughts   nor  described  by speech. . God  is  that because  of which  only the eyes  see, the  mind  thinks, and  speech  describes. . God  is  the very Self  of the  seeker  and  is of the  nature  of  Existence, Consciousness  and  Bliss. 

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