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Arjuna's question


The  Gita  revisited.
Arjuna's  question. 

                          Chapter  xvi  ended  with  the  Lord  asserting  that  let  the  scriptures  be your authority  in determining what   ought to be done  and  what  ought not  to  be  done. . Chapter xvii  starts  with a  question  from  Arjuna  whether  it  is  sufficient  if  one lives  a life  of  good conduct  and  noble  aspirations  based  on  faith  or  is it  necessary  that  he  should  know  the  Sastras  and  implicitly  follow  the   sastric  injunctions  . Arjuna  wants  to  know   the  conditions  of  those  who set aside   the  ordinances  of  the  scriptures  but  perform  actions  based  on  faith  , of  whether  it  is  sattvik, rajasik  or  tamasik  in  nature  

                       We  all  know  that  it is  difficult  for a layman   to get a full  knowledge  of  the  scriptures  ,which  are  in  the  Sanskrit  language  .. We  do  see  in our  amidst  three  types  of  people  :  there  are  the  few who  study  the  Sastras  , understand  it  and  know it  well  and  follow  the  sastric  injunctions  ,  The  second  type  are  those  who  understand  the  Sastras but  due  to  some  reason cannot  implement  the  teachings  in their  own  life. . The  third  type  are  those  that  do not  get an  opportunity  or  have the  inclination  to  study  the  scriptures  ,yet  they  act  in the world  with  faith  doing  good  actions  . Most  of  us  fall under  this   third category  ..   Some  of  us  are  interested  in  knowing  whether  actions  done  with  faith   even  if  not  confirming  to  scriptural  teachings  ,should  be  taken  as  noble (  sattvik )  ,  not  so  right  (  rajasik )  or  ignoble  (  tamasik ).    

                  Arjuna  's  question  amounts  to  this  :  can  our  actions  be  considered  as  right  when  done  with  faith   or  are  they  wrong  because  scriptural  teachings  have  not been  followed ?   The  Lord  says  it  will  depend  on  the  nature  of  faith with  which  such  actions  are performed. 

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