Sunday, 11 October 2015

How to overcome desire, anger and greed ?


The  Gita  revisited.
How  to overcome  desire,  anger  and  greed ?

                        Lord  Krishna  had  described   in an   earlier  chapter , the  ladder  of  fall   and in answer  to Arjuna's  question  as to why  man  sins   ,the  Lord  had  shown   various   ways   man  could  overcome  them  . Here  in the   16th  chapter  ,He   highlights  some  of them  again  . 

                      In the  path  of  knowledge  ,desire  ,anger  and  greed   can  be  overcome  by the  following  method.  . The  seeker  on  this  jnana  yoga  path  should  enquire  whether  objects  have  happiness  in themselves  .  By  understanding  the  finite  and  inert  nature  of  objects   and  also  by  a  clear  understanding  that  even  if  one  seems  to derive  some  pleasure   from  objects  , the  happiness  one  so  gets  is  temporary  , one  can  give  up the  desires  for  objects  . By  not  brooding  or  entertaining  fanciful  wishes  ,one  can  avoid  desires  from  taking  root  in the  mind. . Anger  has  no  force  without  desires  . Greed  can  be  removed  by  understanding  the  evil  nature  of   wealth,  pleasures  and  comforts   and  how  they   make  one  dependent   on them   ,and  how  their  demands  never  get  fulfilled  and  how  they  tire  one's  senses  and  dull  the  mind  .

                By  developing  sattvika  desires  , one  overcomes  rajasika  and  tamasika  desires  . One  can  overcome  rajasika  and  tamasika   desires  by  also   cultivating  opposite  virtues   . Desires  come  from a  feeling  of  incompleteness  . Being  fulfilled   and  content  in life  with  what  one  has  ,desires  can  be  overcome  . By  exercising  control  over  one's  senses  (  dama  )  by  being  compassionate  (  daya  )   and  by sharing  what  one  has  (  dana  ),  one  can  control  the  three  gateways  to evil   :  desires ,     anger  and  greed  respectively. 

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