Sunday, 11 October 2015

How to overcome desire,anger and greed ? -continued.......


The  Gita  revisited. 
How  to overcome  desire, anger  and  greed ? continued  from  last  day's  page. 

             According  to the  path  of  devotion    (  bhakti  yoga ) ,desire,  anger  and  greed could  be  overcome  by  love  of  God  . We  can  direct   all our  love  towards  God  by  desiring  to meet  Him,  talk  to  Him   like  the  gopis  of  Brindavan  yearning  only  for  meeting  Sri  Krishna  and  talking  to  Him. . We  can  direct  our  anger  towards  God  as  Kamsa  did   and  to  overcome  our  greed  we  can  seek  more and  more  of  His  love  as  Meerabai  did.   So  instead  of  having  worldly  desires  ,  instead  of  showing  anger  to  others  , and  instead  of  craving  for  more and more  of  worldly  things  ,all  these  desires,  anger  and  greed  can  be  directed  towards  God. .  We can   also pray  sincerely  to  the  Lord  to   help  us  overcome  all  our  weaknesses  .

            The  path  of  action  (  karma  yoga  )  is  also  an  effective  way  to  overcome  these  weaknesses  . . By  performing  selfless  actions  and  dedicating  them  to a  nobler  altar  and  by  accepting  the  fruits  of  our  actions  cheerfully  without  complaining  or  insisting  on a  specific  result  ,in short  accepting  them  as  God's  Prasada  , we  come  to  exhaust  our  negative  tendencies  and  we also  come  to prevent  new  ones  from  getting  formed  . 

                 Through  the  path  of  meditation  (  dhyana  yoga  ),wherein  we   find   that  during  meditation  some  dormant  and  subtle  desires    (  vasanas ) arise  in the  mind  while  meditating. . We  can  just  become  a  mere  witness  to  these  desires  without  getting  involved  in  them  ,they  come  to  get  exhausted  by  themselves  .

               Lastly  , scriptures  should  be  studied  because  they  guide  us  to  know  the  good  from the  bad  , right    from  the   wrong  conduct. .  The  Vedas  were  revealed  to  the  sages  on the  seat  of  meditation.  Sastras  are  valid  means  of  knowledge  as they  were  revealed  by the  Lord  Himself.  The  Lord  Himself  gave  the  Gita  to  Arjuna  and  through  him  to the  whole  of  mankind.   . Knowing  the  scriptures  is  the  first  step  and  living  that  knowledge  in real  life  will  help  to  overcome  the  three  defects  

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