Tuesday, 13 October 2015

In praise of renunciation of desire,anger and greed.


The  Gita  revisited. 
In  praise  of  renunciation  of desire, anger  and  greed. 

                              The  Lord  cautions  us  to avoid  the  three  gateways  to  hell  (  desire,  anger  and  greed. )  by  leading  a life in accord  with  the  guidance  of  the  scriptures. . The  Lord  says  that  a  man  liberated  from  these  three  gates  to  darkness  and  practises  what is  good  for  him ,goes   to  the  supreme  goal. . Those  who do not  allow  these  three  any place  in their  minds  ,are  praised  by the  Lord. . They  will gradually  progress  on their  path  towards  attaining  the  goal  of  realising  the  Self. 

                          Desire, anger  and  greed  , we have  seen  , dissipate  our  energies  , take away  our peace  of mind  by  causing  agitations  in our  mind. . To  overcome  the  strong  temptations  of  the  sense  objects  ,the  mind  and  intellect  should  recharge  the  individual's  inner  abilities  to  withstand  these  temptations  and   to  progress  more and  more  successfully  towards  his  goal  . While  ,the  three  gateways  to  hell,which  are  actually  ,roads  of  darkness  ,will  lead  the individual  into  more and  more  confusions   ,will  ultimately  lead  him into  sub-human  levels  of  existence. .

                        The  individual  should  select  shreyas  ,that which  is  good  ,over  preyas  ,which  is  pleasant  . Shreyas  brings  happiness  to  the  one  who  practises  it ,  and  it also  brings  a  sense  of   total  well being  also  to  all those  around  him. . The  attainment  of the  goal  of  Self  realisation  is  not  achieved  overnight  . It  is  a gradual  process  of  a positive  approach  through  steady  discipline  ,vigorous  study  and  perfect  understanding  of  the  scriptures . 

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