Friday, 2 October 2015

My relationship with God.


The  Gita  revisited.
My  relationship  with GOD. 

                                 The  individual  I  and  God   are  in  essence  one. There is  no difference  between  the two from the  absolute  stand  point .. However  ,when I consider  myself  as a finite  entity  ,conditioned  by   my  body, mind  and intellect ,with which  I identify  myself  with  as  the  real I,   then  I have  a relative  relationship  with  God. 

                             My  relationship  with  the  world  of beings  is  only  temporary  ,whereas  my relationship  with God  , whether I know  it  or not  ,has  been  and  will always  remain  an intimate  one in my  life  from  beginningless  time. . He  is the  whole. while  I am a part  of Him. . He  is the  creator, I am the  created. . Lord  Krishna  says  ," you  are an eternal part  of  Me  ."  Just  like  the waves  and  the  ocean  ,wherein   the  waves  have  no existence  apart  from the  ocean  ,  I  too  have  no  existence   without  God. 

                          He  is  Omnipresent,  Omnipotent  ,  Omniscient  . I   can  depart  from  every   relationship  I have  with  the  world   but  I  can never  depart  from    my relationship  with  god. . Everyone of us  is  a part  of  the  Divine  whole. .  God's  glories  manifest  not  only  in the   world  but   right  within  me  . He  is  present  in me  as  the  digestive  fire  which  works  all 24/7   digesting  all the  food  I eat  in four  different  ways.  (  verse  14  is  chanted before  having  the  meal.). He  is  within   me  in my   heart  as  the  very  Self  in me  . He  is  always  available  to me  as  the  very Self  in me. . Sri  Krishna  says  ,"  I reside  in the  heart  of  all beings  as their   Self  ." 

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