Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Purushottama- the Supreme Being.


The  Gita  revisited.
Purushottama  - the  Supreme  Being. 

                The  individual, the  jiva  ,goes  through many lives  living in ignorance  .. It  has been  travelling  from birth  to death to rebirth and  so on , from one  body  to another  since  beginningless times. . When  the jiva  leaves  the present  body  ,the  dead  body is  left to be  buried  or burnt. by the  relatives. . The  jiva  travels  after leaving  the gross body behind   but  carries  with  it  its  subtle  body  consisting  of   five  organs  of perception, five  organs  of actions  , the  five pranas  and  the mind and intellect  with it.. According  to the  fruits  of its past  karmas  , the jiva   is  reborn  ,takes a new  body  .and  goes  through samsara  again and again. . The  journey  ends  only  when  the jiva  comes  to know  God  - the  Supreme  Being . ,which is beyond  all manifestations. 

               In  the  relative  world  ,there  are two  purushas  ,Kshara  -the perishable  and  Akshara  ,the imperishable. . The  field of  matter  is nothing  but  the  Spirit  in different  forms  of  consciousness. . When  Spirit  assumes  the  form  of  matter ,it  becomes  , as though, subject  to change  . With  reference  to the  perishable  and  changing  matter  envelopments  , Consciousness  is  referred  to as   the  imperishable   and  changeless. . This  Consciousness  principle  is  called  Akshara  only  with reference  to the  Shara  . Distinct from these   two  is  the  Supreme  Purusha  called  the  Highest  Self  , who pervades  the  three  worlds  of the  waking, dream and  deep sleep  experiences  and  sustains  them. . When  the Shara  is  transcended  , what  remains  is  not  the  Akshara  ,but that  which  is  beyond  them .  The  Supreme  Self  , the  Purushottama  , illumines  all the three  states  of  consciousness.  When  the  perishable  conditionings  are  transcended  , the  imperishable  itself  comes  to shine  forth  as  the   Pure  Intellect,  the  Paramatman   


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