Friday, 23 October 2015

The choice of foods


The  Gita  revisited.
The  choice  of  foods. 

                    The  Lord  goes  on  to explain  the  three  types  of  food  that  people  eat  which  He  says,  exhibits  the  type  of  faith  they  have,whether  sattvik  ,rajasik  or tamasik.  Everyman  , according  to  the  choice  of  the  food  he  eats, in  the  type  of  sacrifices  he  makes, in  his  self-denials  , in the  quality  and  quantity  of  charity  he  makes ,  he  exhibits  his  predominant  gunas . This  classification  helps  each  one  of  us  to know  where  we  stand  , and  how  to  correct  ourselves  and  switch  over  to  the  sattvik  type  in  all  these  areas. . This  classification  is  not  to  be  done  for  judging  others  or  to  know  where  others  stand. 

                     The  three  types  of  food  :  The  foods  that  increase  life, purity  and  strength  ,health ,joy  and  cheerfulness  , which  are  agreeable   and  substantial  ,are  liked  by the  sattvik  minded  people.  The  sattvik  eat  such  foods  that  increase  their  vitality  and  give  energy  to  them  for  meditation   and  strength  for  overcoming  temptations.    Explaining  the  rajasik  food, the  Lord  says  , the  rajasik  people  eat  such  foods  that  are  bitter, sour,  saline  ,excessively  pungent  and  hot. ,dry  and  burning. and  these  foods  give  pain , grief  and  disease  .. The  one  factor  we  find  is  that  the  type  of  food  we  eat  affects  us  and  we  are  generally  conditioned  to  some  extent  by the  type  of  food  that  we  eat. . We  do  also  see     that  as  our  thoughts  and  understanding  change  ,this  also  has a  bearing  on  our  taste  and  our  food  preferences  . Sometimes  we  come  to  dislike  the  rajasik  food  that  we  have  been  eating  all our  life  but  now  we  fail  to  relish  them  anymore  as  our   minds  have  become  more  peaceful  and  sattvik  due  to our  spiritual  sadhanas. 

             The  tamasik  chooses  such  foods  that  are  tasteless  ,putrid  ,rotten  , refuse  and  impure. . Sastras  say  that  only  the  food  that  is  cooked  and  consumed  within  three  hours  is  sattvik   and  to  eat  such a  food  afterwards  is   actually  eating  spoilt  food .  All  this  amounts  to  saying  that  all  the  various  kinds  of  foods  with  preservatives, or  stored  in  a fridge  are  all  stale  food  only. We  keep  eating  them  even  without  being  aware  of  this.  We  are  infact  eating  only  tamasik  food  which  will  make  us  more  tamasik.  

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