Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Divine and devilish qualities.


The  Gita  revisited.
The  Divine  and  devilish  qualities. 

                        The  fifteenth  chapter  is  a complete  scripture   which  reveals  the  philosophical  essence  of  the  Gita.  .It deals  with  the description of  the world (  samsara )  as a tree  and  how  it  can be cut  with the  strong axe  of detachment. . It  talked  about our  relationship  with God   and  that  our  repeated  births   can..  be put an end to  by knowing  the  Supreme  Being  .The  sixteenth  chapter  classifies  mankind  into  the  divinely  good  (  devas )  and  the  diabolically  fallen  ( the  asuras )  and  the incorrigibly  indifferent  (  the  rakshasas. ). This  chapter does not talk about  the  last  as  they  are  long way down the  path  of  human  civilization. 

                      The  sixteenth  chapter  enumerates  some  daivi qualities  and  asuric  tendencies  in  man ,  the  former  liberates  while  the latter  binds. . Earlier  ,in the  thirteenth  chapter ,we  have  seen  the  Lord  has  enumerated  twenty  values  of  life . Now,   He  first  gives  a list  of  26 daivi  sampath  like  fearlessness,  purity  of heart  , steadfastness  in  the  yoga  of  knowledge  , alms  giving  , control of  the  senses   , study  of the  sastras , . Some  mental  qualities  like  ahimsa, satyam  ,akrodha  , tyaga,  shanti  are also  enumerated. These  qualities  are  given  as a  guide  for  all those  who are  striving  for perfection. 

               The  Lord  goes  on  to  elaborately  discuss  the  demonic  qualities   as  these serve  as a  warning  for  all  to avoid  and   help  weed  out  these  completely  from  the  mind. ". Both  good  and  bad  are  expressions  of  man's  heart .. So  when  the  list  of demonic  qualities  is  pointed out  ,we find  them  as  the  same  as the   the  list  having  divine  qualities  but   they   are  misapplied  under  a  wrong  enthusiasm  created  as a  result  of  false  evaluations  . Virtue  poisoned  with  ignorance  is  evil,  while  evil treated  and  cured  of its  poison  and  regaining   its  health    turns  into  virtue " comments  Pujya  Gurudev   Swami  Chinmayananda  in  his  commentary  on the  Holy  Geeta . 


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