Friday, 9 October 2015

The fate of the Divine and the demonic.


The  Gita  revisited.
The  fate  of the Divine  and  the demonic.

                    God  is the  creator  of the  world. and  He presides  over  all  actions  (  karma  adhyaksha )  and   gives  the  results   accordingly  (  karma phaladata ).. He  is always  just  and  compassionate  while  bestowing the  results.  When  Lord  Vishnu's  own  body guards ,Jaya  and  Vijaya  ,did  wrong  ,they  were  punished  to  take  birth  in demonic  bodies  . And  during  their  three  lives   in demonic  bodies  ,the  Lord  Himself  incarnated  as Varaha,  Sri   Rama   and  Sri Krishna   and  finally  released  them   from their  demonic  bodies. . Scriptures  say  that  Divine  actions  take  man  to heaven  and  evil actions  to hell. 

                 This  takes  us  to a very important  question  . Is  there  some  place  called  heaven  and  hell?   We  all do know  that  bliss  is  heaven  and  intense  pain and  suffering  is  hell.   All  of us  have  experienced  samples  of  heaven  and  hell ,right  here  on  earth. .  According  to the  karma  theory  and  rebirth  theory  ,every action  gives  results  .  Ordinary  good   and  evil  actions    give  ordinary  results  , which  get  exhausted  in various  earthly  forms.  Scriptures  say  that  the  extraordinary   noble  and  divine  acts  or  the  demonic  and  evil actions   result  in heaven  or  hell  respectively  , wherein  one  experiences  intense  happiness  or  sorrow  for  long  periods  of  time  . Actions  are  finite  ,hence  their  results  are  also  finite. .  Therefore  the  stay  in heaven  or  hell  cannot  be  permanent.   When  the  good    exhausts  the  punya  karmas  , they  come   back  to earth  to continue  their  spiritual  journey.  When  the  bad  exhaust  their  papa  karmas   and  get  purified  ,they  too are  given a  chance   to progress  in a  human  body. 

                       The  truly  good  do not  do  good  deeds  just  to go  to heaven. . Some  cultivate  good  virtues  to serve  the  world  while  a  few   use  these  virtues  as  a means  to realise  God. 

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