Friday, 23 October 2015

The three types of ideals


The  Gita  revisited.
The three  types  of  ideals.

              Sri  Krishna  elaborates  on the  three  types  of  ideals  we  worship  through  our  faith . He  says  that  whatever   we  worship  , whom  we  worship  ,  how  we worship  ,all these  reflect  whether  we are  sattvik,  rajasik  or  tamasik. . 

             One  with  sattvik faith  worships  God  as   his  Ista  devata  .In  his  daily  life  ,he  comes  to admire  the  great, the  noble  and  gains  inspiration  from  them. . Men  of  sattvik  temperament  ,who are  always  peace  loving  ,seek  fulfillment  at  an  altar  of  divinity  ,which   represents  higher  values  and  noble  qualities. . So  they  always  seek  a  divine  Godly  altar. 

            The  one  with  rajasik  faith  worships  the  presiding  deities  of  nature  . He   admires  the  rich  and  the  famous  and  tries  to emulate  the  behaviour  and  lifestyle  of  the  celebrities . The  rajasik  temperaments  push  the  rajasik  men  ,who  have  great  ambition ,  to  seek  semi-gods  . So  the  rajasik  people  worship  the   active  and  passionate  demi-gods  or  deities  to  get their  desires  fulfilled .

             The  one  with  the  tamasik  faith   worships   ghosts  ,spirits  and  negative  forces  . He  admires  criminals  and  violent  acts  . He  has  extreme  fanatical  ideals  and  invokes  tamasik  forces  which  ultimately  destroy  him. . The  men  with  tamasik  temperament  worship  low  and  vicious  powers  for  satisfying  their  lower  urges  for  sense  gratifications  .

               In  short  , the  sattvik  seek  the  help  of good  friends  and  the  company  of  noble  people  , the  rajasik  seek  protection  from  the  rich  and  the  powerful and  the  tamasik  seek  strength  from  criminal  minded  people  . From  the  nature  of  a  man's  field  of  activity ,of  what  he  worships  ,adores, reveres  ,we  can  to a  great  extent  understand  the  type  of  faith  he  has . So  each  man  selects  his  altar  of  devotion  according  to  the  type  of  shraddha  he  has.  

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