Tuesday, 20 October 2015

What is faith or shraddha ?


The  Gita  revisited.
What  is  faith  or  shraddha  ?

               Shraddha  is  that  which  prompts  all our actions. . All  our actions  come  forth  out of  our own  beliefs  ,which  are  again  due  to  our  inherent  tendencies  (  vasanas ).. Beliefs  are formed  over  a long period  of  time . Faith  is  universal  in  its  nature.   Our  life  on this  earth   is  just  simply  impossible  if we  do not  have   faith.  We  do have   faith  in  so many  things   and   in  the course  of our daily  lives we do exhibit  our  faith   for  example  : we  do have  faith  that  we would  see another  day  when  we  go to bed ,  we  do have  faith  that  our next  breath  would  continue  to be  there . Different  people  have  different  faith  in  different  things. The  theist  has  faith that there is  God,  while  the atheist  believes  that  there  exists  no  God . Scientists  have  faith  in their  own  theories  while the  spiritual  man  believes  in   God,  in the  scriptures  and  the  Guru's  teachings . 

               Our  faith  can  be  sattvik,  rajasik  or  tamasik. . Actions  when  prompted  by  sattvik  faith  bring  peace  and  happiness  ,while  actions  prompted  by  rajasik  faith  will bring  sorrow  and  tension  and  actions  driven  by  tamasik  faith   create  ignorance  and  harm the  doer  as well as  others. . Each  of  us  is  a  mixture  of  all the  three  gunas  . So  I may  have  a  sattvik  faith  when  I worship  God  , I may  at  the  same  time  exhibit  rajasik  faith  when  I indulge  in eating  and enjoying  fast  foods   and  I  may  also  be  showing  tamasik  faith  when  I  gossip  about  others. . When  I    become  sattvik  with  the  help  of   sattvik  faith  in all  aspects  of  my  life  ,then  there  will  be  total  integration  in  my  life  and  this  will  bring  total  peace  and  happiness  to  me.   We  can  change  our  faith and  make  it  sattvik   through  changing  our  thoughts  and  actions.  Sri  Krishna  says  ,"  man  is  what  his  faith  is  (  sattvik  ,rajasik  or  tamasik. )

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