Saturday, 17 October 2015

What is the positive practice ?


The  Gita  revisited.
What  is  the positive  practice  ?

                      The  Gita  advises  us,  each  seeker  ,to live a positive  way  of  life  by  practising  what is  good  for  us . The  mind  and  intellect  has  to stop  wasting  its  energy  and vitality in the wrong direction  but  to use  it the  right direction .  If  the  energy  is  used  in the wrong direction  ,one  comes  to see  Ravana   like  characters  causing  destruction  every where ,to everyone. . So  the   Lord  advises  in the  last  two verses  of this  chapter  that  let not  anyone  disobey the  Sastras.  and  act  under the impulse  of desires. 

                     The  Jnana  Kanda  talks  about  the  theory   of  Truth  (  Brahma  vidya )  and  the  technique  of perfection. (  yoga  ). Since  the  Gita  explains  both  the  theory  and  experience  of  God  Realisation  ,it  is  considered  as  a Sastra. . After   having  renounced , the  three  gates  of  hell  , a seeker  should   follow  the  advice  given  in the  Sastras . When  a man  does  not  give  up  desires, anger  and  greed , he  comes  to go  through  agitations  and  violent  passions   and  such a man  cannot  have  any  spiritual  growth  at  all. 

                    So  the  Lord  says  ,  "let  the   Sastras   be   your  authority  in knowing  what  ought  to be  done  and  what  ought not  to be  done   and  after  knowing  which  he  should  act   according  to the  advices  given  in the  Sastras  and  live the  Gita  way  of  life." . A correct  knowledge  and  clear  intellectual  vision  of  the  goal and  the  direction  it  takes a seeker  ,should  be correctly  known   by the  seeker  pursuing  this  goal  of  Self- Realisation. . It  is  not  enough  to  know  the  Geeta  (  this  is  what  most  of  us  do ) but  we  must  discover  within ourselves  the  will to pursue  the  goal  set  by ourselves  as the  target.  and  actually  come  to  live  our life  based  on the  teachings   given  out  by the  Geetacharya. 

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