Monday, 2 November 2015

Tapas - austerity.


The  Gita  revisited.
Tapas- austerity. 

                    The  Lord  takes  up the  classification  of   tapas  which  means  austerity. . Worship  of  the  gods , the  twice born, the  teachers,  the  wise ,  being   pure,   and  straight  forward ,  maintaining  celibacy,  non-injury   are  called  austerity  of  the  body.  To  keep  oneself  attuned  to   the  higher  ideals,wherein  the  meditator  develops  in  himself  the  qualities  of  the  meditated  is  called  worship. So  all  spiritual, moral  and  ethical   development  can  blossom   forth  only  when  one  has  the  attitude  of  devotion towards  the   ideals  represented  by  the   gods,  the  gurus  ,  the  twice born  , and  the  wise. . The  first  birth  of  a  person  is  the  birth  from  his  mother's  womb. To  come  out  of  the  identification  with  the  matter  equipments   and  come  to  enjoy   the  state  of  perfection  is  considered  as  the  second  birth, hence  called  twice born. 

                Brahmacharya  is  to  constantly  revel  in  the  contemplation  of  the  Supreme  Brahman. .  This  contemplation  is  not  possible  if  the  body  indulges  in  sensual  pleasures. . So  all  mental  disciplines  become  essential  for   maintaining  brahmacharya.   Non- injury  does  not  mean   ahimsa    only  at   the  physical  level  ,  it  includes  all  acts  of   non- injuring  others   from  our  emotional  and  intellectual    realms.   So  the  practice  of  austerity   by  worship  of  gods, the  twice  born,  the  guru   and  the  wise,  being  pure  , straight  forward  ,  brahmacharya  and  non- injury   to  others  , all these  constitute  the  physical  austerity. 

                 Actually  tapas  means  conserving  our  energy  from  not  dissipating  into  wrong  channels   or  over  unproductive  fields  but  directing  the  energy   so   conserved  into  more  productive  fields  like  worship  of  the  Lord,  or  taking  to  a  spiritual  way  of  life   is  called  tapas  -self  control. 

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