Thursday, 26 November 2015

The three fold types of knowledge.

The  Gita  revisited.
The  threefold  types  of  knowledge.

                         In  the  sattvik  type  of  knowledge,the  individual  sees  the  One  Being  in  all  and  all  differences  as  only  expressions  of  the  same  truth.  Waves  are  different  from each  other ,yet  the  same  ocean  is  the  reality  and  the  substance  in all  waves. . The  person  with  sattvik  knowledge  ,recognises   the  One  Consciousness   in  and  through  the  different  manifestations  of  the  that  Consciousness  .

                    The  knowledge  is  said  to  be  rajasik  when  that  knowledge  helps  to  give  importance  to  differences  rather  than  oneness  . . This  knowledge  helps  one  to  see  in all  beings  of  different  kinds  as  different  from  one another. . This  type  of  knowledge  recognises  plurality  and  separateness  and  sees  living  creatures  different  from  each  other  and  hence  classifies  the  living  kingdom  into  the  vegetable,  animal  ,the  humans  . Even  among  humans  ,they  classify  each  according  to  caste,  creed  , gender,  nationality,  religion  etc. 

                     The  knowledge  that  clings  to  one  single  effect  as if  it were  the  whole  , without  reason  , without  foundation  in  truth,  and  is  narrow  in its  outlook  is  the  third  type  of knowledge  called  tamasik  knowledge. . The  dull  intellect  clings  to a  single  effect  as if it were  the  whole  . Lord  Krishna  here  considers  the  tamasic  as  the  lowest  among  the  spiritual  seekers  . They  are  generally  fanatic  in their  views   and  never  would  try  to  find  out  the  deep  underlying  cause  of   things  and  events  .The  tamasik  look  at  the  world   and  thinks  it  is  there  for  for  him  and  his  pleasure   ,so  his  vision  is  always  narrow. 

                    The  knowledge  of  the  sattvik   perceives   the  oneness  underlying  the  universe , the  rajasik  recognises   only the  plurality of  the  world  ,while  the  tamasic  has  a  perverted  knowledge  of  life  and  the  world.

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