Sunday, 29 November 2015

The threefold nature of action and the actor.


The  Gita  revisited.
The  threefold  nature  of  action  and  the  actor. 

                               An  action  that  is  an  obligatory  duty  and  undertaken  with an  attitude  of  worship  is  sattvik  in  nature  and  is  the  best  type  of  action  among  all the  three types  of  actions. . It  brings  peace  within  and  harmony  in  the  field  of  activity  . The  sattvik  action  is  done  without  attachments  ,  without  likes  and  dislikes  and  without  any desire  for  the  enjoyments  from  the  fruits  of  actions. . A person  performing  such  actions  is  considered  as a  brahmana. . Rajasic  action  is  done  by  one  longing  for  fulfilment  of  desires  or  for  obtaining some  gains   and  is  done  with  egoism  and  with  great  effort. . The  person  performing  such  actions  has an  arrogant  ego. . The  tamasic  action  is  that  which  is  undertaken  from  delusion  ,without  regard  to  their  consequences  . Such  people  seem  to  indulge  in  drinking,  gambling  ,  corrupt  practices. 

                         A sattvik  actor  is  one  who  is  free  from  attachments  to  things  and  beings  around  him  and  is  non-egoistic. . Even  when  he  does  something  great  ,he  considers  that  it  is  all  God's  grace  . He  works  in the  world  with  a  great  determination  (  dhriti ) and  enthusiasm  (  utsaha  ). He  is  equanimous  in  success  and  failures. . He  does  the  sattvik  actions  with the  help  of  his  sattvik  knowledge. . The  rajasic  actor  performs  actions  to  gain  the  fruits  of  action,  and  is  greedy  ,  impure  and  harmful. . He  goes  to the  extent  of  taking  to  unrighteous  means  to  fulfil  his  desires. . He  is always  moved  by  joy  and  sorrow   and  lives a  life  of  agitations. . The  tamasic  doer  has  no  control  over himself.  He  is  driven  to  perform  actions  just  by  the  impulses  and  instincts  . He  is  vulgar  in his  behaviour  , is  dishonest  ,  malicious  , indolent   and  is  a  procrastinator. 

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