Saturday, 14 November 2015

Yajna , dana and tapas.


The  Gita  revisited.
Yajna,  dana  and  tapas. 

                        On  the   question  of  whether  yajna, dana  and  tapas  are to  be  renounced,  there  is  a  difference  of  opinion  among  philosophers.   Some  philosophers  think  that  all   actions  have  to  be  abandoned   because  they  create  vasanas. and  hence  become  obstacles  to the  seeker  in  the  search  for  Truth. . The  Sankhyan  philosophy  believes  that  work  is  not  to  be  abandoned  , it  is  only  such  actions  which  create  passions,  greed  and  anger  that  should  be  given  up  and  not  the  acts  of  sacrifice,  charity  and  austerity. . The  Lord  says  that  yajna,  dana  and  tapas  should  not  be  given  up   but  should  be  performed   as  these  three  acts  purify  even  the  wise. . The  Lord  says  that  what  needs  to  be  given  up  is  our  attachments   to  actions  and  the  anxiety  for  the  enjoyments   to  the  fruits  of  actions. 

                        The  Lord   goes  on  to  explain  the  three  types  of  tyaga  :  sattvik,  rajasik,  and  tamasik. . The  Lord  says   that  when  obligatory  actions  ,  both  nitya  and  naimittika  karmas,  are  renounced  ,it  is  tamasic  tyaga. . Even  if  one  gives  up  one's  duties  due  to  ignorance,  the  Lord  says  that  it  is  not  correct. . He  who  gives  up  actions  because  of  fear  of  bodily  troubles   and  because  they  are  painful  , is  exhibiting    rajasik  tyaga. . In  sattvik  abandonment  , a  person  continues  to  do  his  obligatory  duties   because  they  ought  to  be  done   and  that  person  only  abandons  his  attachments  to  actions  and  the  anxiety  for  the  enjoyment  to the  fruits  of  actions.  Such  a  person  does  good  actions  with  the  right  mental  attitude. 

                   Scriptures  say   that  yajna  ,acts  of  sacrifice  , have  to  be  done  to  invoke  the  divine  powers  and  their  grace,  charity  ,  giving  dana  ,  has  to  be  done  as a  part  of  our  social  obligation  and  to  live  in harmony   with  others  in the  society ,  and  tapas   ,    living  a life  of  austerity  , helps  exercise  self  control  over  our  body  and  mind  . These  three  are  both  spiritual  practices  as well  as  our  duties. 

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