Saturday, 19 December 2015

God's Grace


The  Gita  revisited.
God's  Grace .

                         Arjuna  surrendered  to  the  Lord  when  he  got  confused  and  wanted  to have  the  Lord's  advice  as  to  what  he  should  do . After  hearing  the  Lord's  discourse  , Arjuna  would  have  been  able  to  understand  that  the  righteous  war  had  to  be fought  with  the  right  attitude   in accord  with  his  inherent  aptitude  ,which  was  that  of a  kshatriya  .. For  Arjuna  ,it  would  not  have  been  difficult  to  follow  the  Lord's  advice  if  his  ego  did not  prevent  him  from  doing  so. . We  also  find  ourselves  in  situations  where  our  ego  may  come  between  us  and  God's  Will . Actually  our  nature  forces  us  to do  certain  actions .. We  are  also  under  the  influence  of  our  environment  and  the  circumstances  that we  face  in our  life. . It  looks  as  though  our  bondage  is  enslaving  us. . Does  this  mean  that  we are  totally  helpless  and  that  God  controls  us  in and  out ? God  does  control   everything   but  His  control  is  never  to  punish  us   but  to  reform  us  so  that  we  take  to the  right  path. 

                    God  is  full  of  compassion  and  He  is  ever  ready  to  shower  His  Grace  upon  us. . He  is  the  conscience  within  us  , He  is  the  inner  voice  in us  which  tells  us  what  is  right  and  what  is  wrong  . When  we do  not  listen  to  this  voice  of  God  speaking  to  us  as  our  conscience  , then  He  has  other  ways  to control  our  actions  and  behaviour   through  the  laws  that  governments  make,  through  social  norms  and  laws  of  nature. . He  is  also  the  life-giver  and  He  presides  over  all our  actions   and  is  the  karma phala  data  for  all  our  actions.  He  is  the  witness  of  all  our  thoughts  and  actions. 

              All  our  actions  are  driven  by  our  identifications  with  our  body  and  mind  and  this  identification  goes  on  life  after life  so  long  as  we  continue  to  remain  in  ignorance  of  our  true  nature. . But  we  are  the  only  creatures  on  this  blessed  earth   to  be  blessed  with  a  free will . We  can  exercise  this  free  will  either  to  live  mechanically  with  our  inherent  nature   or  surrender  intelligently  to  the Grace  of  God  and  do  as  He  wills. . The  Lord  says  "  Be  God  centred   and  by  My  Grace  you  shall  overcome  all  difficulties  ,within  and  without. and  attain  the  Supreme  abode  of  eternal  peace  ."

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