Tuesday, 22 December 2015

One's own dharma.


The  Gita  revisited.
One's  own  dharma. 

                         In    verse  47  in  this  chapter 18th  , Lord  Krishna  says  "  Better  is  one's  own  duty  though  devoid  of  merits  than  the  duty  of  another  even  if  well  performed . He  who  does  the  duty  ordained  by  his  own  nature  incurs  no  sin. ". The  first  line  of  this  verse  is a repetition  of  verse 35  in  third  chapter.  The  swadharma  is  not  the  duty  that  comes  to  a person  because  of  his  caste  ,which  is  after all  only  an  accident  of  birth.  Swadharma  here  would  come  to  stand  for  the  types  of  vasanas  that  he  comes  to  find  in his  own  mind  . So  to  live  according  to  his  own  mental  inclinations  will  help  him  to  live  in peace and  find  success  in  life.  The  Lord  says  that  it  is  better  to  perform  one's  own  swadharma  even  if  it  is  imperfect  than  to  perform  of  the  dharma  of  another  ,even  if  it  is  done  well.  By  performing  one's   own  duties  according  to  one's  own  nature  help  him  to  exhaust  his  own  vasanas and  this  would  also  help  him  in  not  creating  new  vasanas. 

                  In  the  next  verse  the  Lord  says  that  one  should  not  abandon  the  duty  to  which  one  is  born  . even  though  it  is  faulty .The Lord  says  that  all  actions  are  covered  with  evil  just  as  fire  is  covered   by  smoke. . When  we  read  these  lines  ,we  are  apt  to think   as  to  how  the  Lord  could  be  advising  us  to  continue  with a  work  that  is  faulty  even  if  it is  according  to  my  own  nature. . Two  factors  play  a part  in  our  actions   and  they are  :  the  mental  impulses  from  within  depending  upon  our  temperaments   and  the  external  force   for example .the  environment  , has  on  us. . The  vasanas  we  are  BORN  WITH  have  to  be  lived  through  but  the  environment  we  are  BORN  INTO   need   not  be  allowed  to  spread  its  evil  effects  on  us.  If  a  person  finds  himself  with  wrong  tendencies  within  him  ,he  should  exhaust  them  through  actions  without  any  ego  or  ego-centric  desires   or  he  could  elevate  his  own  mind  from  the  wrong  impulses  of  his  mind  by  educating  himself  with  right  knowledge . When he  takes  to  the  study  of the  scriptures  under  a  Guru  ,he  gradually  replaces  the  previously  held  wrong  impulses  by  new  positive  affirmations  and  in course  of time  he  creates  new  mental  impressions  ,which  will  remove  his  own  old  impulses.

                 For  many  janmas  ,we  have  been  believing  that  we  are  the  limited  jiva  and  we  continue  to  suffer  . When  this  limited  belief  is  replaced  by  "  Chidananda  Roopah  Shivoham  ,Shivoham  "  in  due  course  of  time  we  will  be  creating  new  thoughts  in  our  own  minds  .

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