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The three types of happiness.


The  Gita  revisited.
The  three  types  of  happiness.

                                    All  the  actions  undertaken  by  human beings  are  generally  motivated by  the   need  to  gain  happiness   in  the  here  and  now. . The  happiness  that  man  gains  is  also  classified  into  three  types  by  the  Lord  , namely  sattvik  , rajasik  and  tamasik   happiness.   Sattvik  happiness  is  that  which  is  like  poison  at  first  but  in the  end  like  nectar  because  the  path  of  self-purification  demands  a  lot  of  struggle  and  will power  to  remain  focussed  on  the  goal. . So  the  happiness  got  from  exercising  self  control   and  self  -discipline  is  called  by the  Lord  as  sattvik  happiness  . . There  is  great  joy  in going  through  the  spiritual  sadhanas   and  this  inner joy  is  due  to  the  integration  of  the  inner  nature   and  this  Sri  Krishna  calls  as  ' Prasada '-which  is   nothing  other than  sattvik  happiness. 

                      That  happiness  which  arises  from  the  contact  of  the  sense organs  with  the  sense  objects   and  which  is  like  nectar  at first  but  turns  out in the  end   like  poison  is  rajasik  happiness. . The  happiness  derived   is  temporary   and  leaves  a man  in  sorrow  . Man  runs  after  sense  pleasures  but  the  objects  are  not  always  available  and  the  mind  that  comes  in  contact  with  the  objects  of  pleasure  also  keep  changing   and    even  if  a man  derives  pleasure  from  sense  objects  ,the  sense  organs  cannot  keep  enjoying  the  objects  with  the  same  vigour  and  interest  and  lastly  even  when  enjoying , a  man  is  constantly  having  the  fear  that  the  object  of  his  pleasure  may  leave  him. 

                      The  Lord  says  that  the  pleasure,  that  arises  from  sleep,  indolence  and  heedlessness   continues  to  delude  the  self , is  called  tamasik  happiness. . A tamasik  man  who  is  heedless  of  the  higher  calls   and  indolent  at  his  intellectual  level   and  completely  asleep   to  the  existence  of  the  play  of  Reality  ,seeks  happiness  that  deludes  the  Atma  both  in the  beginning  and  in the  end  . This  the  Lord  calls  as  tamasik  happiness. 

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