Sunday, 3 January 2016

Giving up negative qualities .


The  Gita  revisited .
Giving  up  negative  qualities.

                        The  Lord  gives  a list  of  negative  qualities  that  a  seeker  has  to  give  up. . The  seeker  has  to  give  up  egoism  ,power,  arrogance, desire  , anger  , aggrandisement   and  be  free  from  the  notion  of  mine   ,all  these  in order  to  grow  spiritually  and  to  remain  peaceful .. Ahankar  expresses  itself   in the  form  of  all these  six  qualities. All of  them  together  represent  the  "  I -act  -mentality ".. First  the  ego  expresses  as  power  ,  the  power  to  fulfill  desires. . As  the  desires  get  fulfilled  , the  ego  gathers  unto  itself  pride  and  arrogance  .. Then  one  naturally  comes  to  have  lust  and  anger.  and  one  tries  to  aggrandise  things  that  , the  mind  desires  ,in  corrupt  ways  .  From  ahankara  , the  notion  of  mine  ,  mamakara  , develops  .The  Lord  asks  the  seeker  to  compulsorily  give  up   the  above  negative  qualities  .

                        When  the  sense  of " I  -act  -mentality " is  given  up  ,  the  mind  becomes  relatively  calm  and  peaceful  . Then  the  seeker  finds  himself  qualified  to  tune  up  his  mind  to  the  higher  reality.  Even  as  a  seeker  understands  that  there  is  a  higher  reality  , he  stops  his  identification  with  his  body-mind-  intellect  equipment   and  remains  less  and  less  agitated  .. Thus  a  seeker  who  has  gained  the  knowledge  of  Brahman   through  study   and  reflection  , gradually  gives  up  the  "  I  act  mentality  ". He  does  not  reach  perfection   but  he  is  fit  to  become  Brahman  ,the  Lord  says.  . When  the  seeker  realises  that  he  is  none  other  than  Brahman  , then  he  does  not  anymore  grieve  nor  desire. . He  is  the  same  to  all  beings   and  comes  to  have  supreme  devotion  for  the  Lord. 

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