Sunday, 31 January 2016

The message of the Gita


The  Gita  revisited .
The  message  of  the  Gita .

                       Lord  Krishna's  teachings  started  from  verse 11  of  chapter 2 ,wherein  the  Lord  advised Arjuna  not  to  grieve  for  those  who do not  deserved  to  be  grieved  over. . Arjuna was a deluded   man  who  thought  that  by  killing   Drona, his  guru  and  Bhishma , his  grandfather and  all  others  ,his  own  relatives  ,  he  would  be  incurring  sin  . So  he  put down  his  weapons   saying  he  would  not  fight. 

                    The  Lord  starts  His  teaching  by  re-educating  Arjuna's  mind . Arjuna   had  been  deluded  by  his  own  ego  and  the  Lord  gave  him the  infinite  wisdom  ,which  would  remove  the  non-apprehension  of  the  Reality  ,which  was  because  of  the  mis-apprehension  of  the  Reality. . The  Lord  advised  Arjuna  to  renounce  his  physical,  emotional and  intellectual  ideas   about  his  own  guru,  his  grandfather  and  all  those  assembled  in the  battle  field   and  look  afresh  the  situation  from  a  spiritual  understanding  . The  Lord's  teachings  end  in  verse  66 of  the  18th  chapter,wherein  the  Lord  assured  Arjuna  that  He  would  free  him  from  all  sins  and  hence  there  was  no  need  for  Arjuna  to  grieve. 

               The  Lord  says  "  do  not  grieve  , come  to  Me  alone   for  shelter and  give  up  even  the  anxiety  to  reach  the  Infinite. "  Unnecessary  anxieties  in  life  lead  a person   to  grief. . This  grief  becomes  our  greatest  obstacle  to  reaching  our  ultimate  destination  . Hence  we  may  say  that  message  of  the  Gita  is  ' Do not  grieve ', for  the  Lord  is  there  to  give  shelter  to us  . Let  us  surrender  to  the  Lord  wholeheartedly  with   bhakti  and  shraddha  .  

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