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Various interpretations on the charama sloka.


The  Gita  revisited 
Various  interpretations  on the  charama  sloka .

             There  are  various  interpretations  on the  charama  sloka  and  let  us  see  what  each  school of  thought  has to say  about  the  concept  of  surrender.  Arjuna  ,in the  second  chapter , only  partially  surrendered  to  the  Lord  . His  surrender  was  complete  only  after  listening  to  the  Lord's  words   wherein  He  explained  to him  the  true  meaning  of  surrender  and  he   then  said  he  would  do  as  the  Lord wishes .  Let  us  see  the  different  ways  in which  the  word  ' surrender '  has  been  understood  in  jnana  yoga  ,  bhakti  yoga  and  karma  yoga. 

             Jnana  yoga  maintains  that  we  can  surrender  or  renounce  only  that  which  really  belongs  to  us. . The  body-mind  complex  does not  belong  to  us , it  belongs to  prakriti  and  ultimately  to  God. . So  what  is it  that  we  can  surrender   or  renounce  ?   We  can  renounce  or  surrender  only  our  false  identification  with  the  anatma  and  realise  our true  nature. . This  realisation  of  the  Self  /God  is  true  surrender  to  the  Lord.   Surrender  is  knowing  God  /Self  .

         Surrender  in  Bhakti  yoga  :  Bhakti  to  the  Lord  gets  expressed  in  various  spiritual  practices  like  japa,  pranayama  , dana  etc  for  getting  various   material   benefits  or  for  purification  of  the  mind. . These  lower  aspirations  have  to be  given  up  ,  renounced  only  to  seek  the  love  of  the  Lord  .  This  according  to  Bhakti  yoga  is  true  surrender  to  attain  the  love  of  God  ,the  Ultimate  Truth  .

            Surrender  in  Karma  yoga   amounts  to  saying  " serve   God "  The  term  'dharma  '  also  means  duties  . Doing  paradharma  or  adharmic  activities  or  having  attachments   to  actions  and  their  results  and  having  likes  and  dislikes  for  actions  ,all  these  have  to  be  surrendered  or  renounced  . So  true  surrender  according  to  karma  yoga  is  considering  ourselves  as  an  instrument  of  the  Lord  and  serving  Him  is  our  only  duty  . All  actions  must  be  done  selflessly  as  an  offering  unto  the  Lord  and  all  results  to  be  received  with  a  prasada  bhavana 

             From  which  ever  angle  we  see  the  term  'surrender '   it  all  means  that  we  should  surrender  our  false  identifications  and  notions  ,know  God  and  love  Him  without  any  expectations   and  serve  Him  through  all  our  duties  


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