Thursday, 4 February 2016

A few more words from the Lord.


The  Gita  revisited.
A few more  words  from  the  Lord. 

                         In the  next  few  verses , after  the  charama  sloka  ,the  Lord  wants  to  emphasize  the  rules  that  have  to  be  kept  in  mind  while  imparting  the  knowledge  of  the  Gita  to  others. . This  knowledge  is  not  to  be  given  to  those  who  have  no  austerities  or  devotion  or  to  those  who  do  not  render   any service  to others  or  to  those  who  do not  desire  to  listen  to the  Gita  or  to those  who  cavil  at the  Lord. 

                        The  Lord  goes  on to  say  that  those  with  supreme  devotion  to  God  who  will  teach  the  Gita , the  Supreme  secret , to  the  Lord's   devotees  ,shall  finally  reach  Him  alone. . The  Lord  says  that  He  loves  the  teacher  ,who  has gone  all out  to  spread  the  Lord's  message  in the  Gita  by  teaching  to  the  Lord's  devotees  and  such  a person  is  dearest  to  Him. . We  need  not   have  mastered  the  Gita   in order  to  teach  it. . Whatever little  we  have  understood of  the  Lord's  teachings,  can  be  shared  with  those  who  are  interested  in  listening. 

                        The  Lord  also  glorifies  the  student  who  will  study  this  sacred  dialogue  between  the  Lord  and  Arjuna  . The  study  of  the  Gita  will  cleanse  our  mind  of  all  negative  qualities   and  remove  our  false  sense  of  ego  ,which  has  risen  from  our  false  knowledge,  our  misconceptions  , our  ajnana .. All  these  get  burnt  in the  fire of  right  knowledge .

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