Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mama Dharma


The  Gita  revisited  .
Mama  Dharma 

                  The  Gita  starts  with  the  word  ,"  Dharma "  and  ends with  the  word  ," Mama ". The   term  'dharma  'has  many different  meanings  .. The  term  'dharma ' is  derived  from  the  root 'dhar'(  dhri ) ,to  uphold, sustain  , support   and  hence  the  term  'dharma  ' denotes  " that  which holds  together  the  different  aspects  and  qualities  of  an  object  into a whole "   Generally  , we  take  the  term  to  mean  the  religious  code  or   righteousness   or  to  mean  a  duty  ,etc. If  we  take  the deeper  meaning  of  the  term  ,then  it  would  mean  the  law  of  being  ,that  which  makes a thing  or being  what  it  is ,  for example  :  the  dharma  of  fire is  to burn  , that  of water  is  to  flow  down  , that  of the  sun  to  shine.  Dharma  means  not only  righteousness   or  being  and doing  good  ,but  it  also  means  that  it  is  the  essential  nature  of  each and  everything  in creation. ,without  which  it cannot  retain  its  independent  existence. . We  can  never  imagine  a  cold  fire ,or  water  flowing  up,  or  a dark  sun  ,and  that  would   just  be  contradictory.

             So  when  I live  my  life as  a truly  dynamic  person  of  action  by  following  my  own  true  inner  nature  ,then  I   fulfill  my  dharma  . It  then  becomes  my  dharma  . It  means  that  I have  to  subjectively  live  and  experience  for  myself  the   Lord's  words  and  make  them  my very  own  ,  my  way  of  life. . The  Gita  ends  with  the  term  ' Mama '  . So  many  commentators  believe  that  the  prime  message  of  the  Gita  is  "  Mama  Dharma  ",  my  duty. ,  the  duty  of  every individual  towards  himself  and  others  in the  society. . The  highest  duty  of  every  individual  is  to  surrender  to  God   and  live  a  God- centred  life  and  attain  the  highest  Truth  ,to  realise  that  he  is  none  other  than  that  Infinite   Sat-Cit- Ananda  Paramatma. 

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