Thursday, 11 February 2016

Om Tat Sat Iti .............


The  Gita  revisited  .
Om  Tat Sat  Iti  ..........

                        In  the  Scriptures  ,the  end  of a chapter  was  always  indicated by  some  symbol, usually  ,the  last  mantra  was   repeated  twice  to  signal  that the  chapter  was  over,  as  there were  no  printed  books  to  show  the  chapter  has ended. . Scriptural  study  was  always  passed  on from  mouth to  mouth  and  the  students  had  to  memorise  the  texts.   In  the  Gita  ,  at the  end  of  each  chapter ,there is a repetition  of a statement  called  sankalpa  vakya  where  only  the  chapter  number  and  its  title  differs  . The  sankalpa  vakya  says  that  the  Gita  is  a  dialogue  between    Sri  Krishna  the Lord   and  Arjuna  , a mortal.  It  also  says  that  the  Gita  is  an  Upanishad   and  a  yoga  sastra. 

                   Srimad  Bhagavad  Gita  is  considered  as an  Upanishad  by  itself   and  each  chapter  is  called  an  upanishad   because  each  verse  has  a deeper  significance  and  can  be  studied  and  understood  only  under  the  guidance  of  a  Guru  . Only   the  Guru  can  help  him  to  unlock  the  treasures  hidden  in  the  Gita's  700  verses  . The  Upanishad  , here  we  mean  the  Gita  , teaches  us   that  there  is  a  changeless  Reality  behind  the   phenomenal  world  of  plurality  . The  Truth  is  declared  as  Brahman   and  the  textbooks  that  teach  us  about  the  nature of  Brahman  is  called  Brahma  Vidya  . 

                  Whatever  is  taught  becomes  merely  a theory  portion   and   there  should  be  a  technique  to  practice  that  wisdom   and   experience  the  Truth  and  live  that  knowledge  . So  the  subjective  experience  is  called   Yoga Sastra  . The  Gita  is  called  a Yoga Sastra  because  it  also  gives   us   practical  instructions  to  reach  the  Highest  Truth  . Lord  Krishna  had  to  repeat  the  Upanishadic  Truths  to  Arjuna  who  was  emotionally  disturbed  and  confused . So  the  Lord  had  to  be  more  enduring  and  sympathetic  to  Arjuna  while  explaining  the  Truths  in  sugar coated   capsules,  while  the  rishis  teaching  the  students  the  same  truths  would  have  been  very  harsh  and  unsympathetic  towards  them in order   to  maintain  discipline  and  peace in  the  ashrams 

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