Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Sanjaya gives a list of benefits.


The  Gita  revisited .
Sanjaya  gives a list  of  benefits  .

                    Sanjaya  gives  a list  of  benefits  that  come  when  both  Sri Krishna  , the  Lord  of  yoga  ,and  Arjuna  , the  man  of  action  are  present  and  when  there  is  active  resistance  to  evil  , both  within  and  without,  and  if  and  when  a person  lives  the  Gita  way  of  life ,  then  there   will  be lasting  prosperity , Dhruva  Sri  ,as  wealth  will  be  earned  righteously . There  will  be  total  victory  , Dhruvah  Vijaya  , if  and  when a  person  conquers  his  own  negative  tendencies  within  him  and  his  enemies  outside ,in order  to attain  his  goals . When  a society  abides  in  laws  , Dhruvah  Nitih  ,  put  down  by  governments   and  when  there is  respect  for  the  laws  of nature  ,then  there  will  be  peace  and  progress  in the  society  . Then    with   ever shining  glory  , Dhruvah  Bhootih ,    one  comes  to enjoy  lasting  prosperity, total  victory,   and  abidance  in  laws  and  ever  lasting  peace  and  joy. 

                Wherever  Sri  Krishna  , the  Partha sarathy   and  Partha  are  present  ,all  the  above  benefits can  be  attained  . The  Lord  represents  spiritual  knowledge   and  Arjuna  that  of  action. . In  everyone's  life  there  should  be a  balance  between  the  spiritual  and  secular  aspects  of  life . There  should  be a  glorious  synthesis  of  both  the  spiritual  knowledge  ,which  gets  expressed  in equanimity  and  equipoise   and  dynamic   love expressed  through  service  to  and  sacrifice for   all of  mankind .. On  receiving  the  knowledge  from  the  Lord  ,Arjuna  took  his  bow  and  arrow  , fought  the  righteous  war  and  finally  won  it . Sanjaya 's  final  comment  in the  Gita  is  a special gem  of  wisdom. 

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