Friday, 5 February 2016

Yathra Yogeshwara Krishna


The  Gita  revisited .
Yathra  Yogeshwara  Krishna 

                          Sanjaya  was  the charioteer of  king  Dhritarashtra   and  was  a karma yogi   and  a bhakta. . He  was given  the  ' divya  dhrishti  '  by  sage  Veda  Vyasa  to  see , hear  and  report   all  that was  happening  in  the  Kurukshetra   battlefield , to  the  king  ,sitting  in  the  Hastinapur  palace .. He  heard  the  entire  Gita   and  also  had  an  experience  of  the  Vishva Roopa  Darshan  of  the  Lord . He  was  overwhelmed   with  gratitude to  sage  Veda  Vyasa  and  his  mind  was  filled  with supreme  devotion  as  he  recalled  the  Lord's  words  again and  again. 

                        The  Gita  ends  with  a comment  by  Sanjaya  that  he  has  a firm  conviction  that  wherever      the  Lord  of  yoga  ,Sri  Krishna  ,   and  the  bow wielding  Arjuna   are  present  ,there  will  be  lasting  prosperity,  total  victory  , ever shining  glory   and  abidance  of  law  and  order. . Lord  Krishna  represents  a  spiritual  and  holistic  vision   and  a  life  of  values , while  Arjuna   represents  a man  of  action   who  is  ever  ready   to  live  the  Lord's  vision   and  carry out  his  duties   to  protect  dharma  . The   Gita  teaching  is   very  much  alive   and  valid  even  now  for wherever  the  Lord  , the  Brahma  Vidhya  Guru   and  Arjuna   with  his  bow and  arrows   which  represent   swadharma   , are  remembered  , there  the  Gita  wisdom  will  always  be  present . . Both  of  them  together  are  necessary  to  lead  a  balanced  way  of  life  . There  should  be both  spiritual  knowledge  and  the  practical  application  of that  knowledge  in one's  daily  life.  

                                                                                                                                        to be  continued 

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