Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The subject and purpose of the text under study .

Drg  drsya  viveka -part2 
The  subject  and  purpose  of  the  text  under  study.

                       Drg  drsya  viveka  is  a  prakarana  grantha  which  tries  to  establish  the  jiva  brahma  aikkyam  .Drg  drsya  viveka  means  the  discrimination  between  the  seer  and  the  seen  ,between  the  real  and  the  unreal.  It  is  a  fact  that  we  ,  human  beings  ,  do  possess  this  faculty  of  discrimination   but  in  varying  degrees   and  in  our  day to  day  life  ,we  do  discriminate  between  the two  this   and  say  well  this  is  beautiful  while  the  other  is  ugly  ,  or  this  book  is  mine  ,this  is  yours  and  so   goes  our  expressions  in  discriminating  things  of  this  world.   When  it  comes  to  discriminating  between  subtler  things  like  dharma  ,we  find  it  difficult  to  discriminate  correctly   between   swadharma  and  para dharma.  To  us  there  appear  as  if  there  are   options between  the  right  and  wrong  ,or  between  good  and  bad   and  when  they  appear  as  one  ,we  just  become  confused  and  become  unaware  of  their  separate  existence. 

                When  we  start  the  enquiry  on  'who  am  I  ? ,we  believe  that  we  the  body  . When  we  go  further  into  asking  , Is  the  body  sentient  or  insentient  , we  here also  believe  the  body  is  sentient  . But  in  truth  ,there  are  two  separate  entities  the  sentient  Self  and  the  insentient  body.  The  seer  and  the  seen  seem  to  have  become  one   in the  body. . The  Seer  is  not  known  and  the  seen  is  taken  to  be  the  Seer. . Hence  the  need  for  enquiry  into  the  Seer  and  the  seen  . When  the  insentient  body  is  taken  as  the  real  I  ,we  suffer  endlessly  in  life. . Hence  the  purpose  of  this  text  is  to  help  us  make  the  correct  discrimination  between  the  Seer  and  the  seen   and  to  know  our  own  true  nature  . 

            Regarding  the  authorship  and  the  number of  verses  ,since  there  are  different  opinions   such  as  some  say  Adi  Sankara   some  say  Swami  Vidyaranya  or  Swami  Bharati  Tirtha   was  the  author  , and  some  attribute  40  verses  to  this  text  while  others  say  there are  only  31 verses  ,  but  we  shall  not  enter  into  any  discussion  on  these  subjects  . 

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