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Drg drsya viveka-verse 8

Drg  drsya  viveka  -verse 8

                                   The  identification  of  the  ego  with  the  reflection  of  Consciousness  with  the  body  and  the  witness  is  of  three  kinds -  natural,  born  of  past  actions  and  born  of  ignorance  ,respectively. The  identification  of  the  ego  with  the  reflection  of  Consciousness  is  natural  , while  the  identification  with  the  body  is  due  to  past  actions,  with  the  witness  is  due  to  the  ignorance  of  the  Self. 

                                   Sahajam  Tadatmyam ;   Consciousness  is  eternal and  omnipresent  and  so  its  reflection too  is  potentially  ever  present. . When  the  ego  rises  ,it  naturally  identifies  with  the  reflected  consciousness. . The  identification  is  expressed  as  the knowership  and  knowing  is  a  characteristic  of  thought  and  not  the  Self. . If  the  thought  is  inert  ,it  cannot  illumine  itself. . It  presupposes  the  presence  of  the  reflected  consciousness   to  make  it  sentient.  When  the  two,  the  Existence-Consciousness  aspect  ofthe  Self   and  the  thought  of  the  intellect  combine  ,  the  notion  'I  know  '  arises  in  the  intellect  . In  the  Self  ,there  is  no  modification   and  in the  intellect  ,on its  own  , there  is  no  consciousness  .. But  the  individual  deludes  himself   and  thinks  ' I  am  the  knower'. 

                               Karmajam  Tadatmyam :  In  the  Geeta  ,the  Lord  says that  no one  can  stay  without  doing  actions  . Actions  become  a  very  important  part  of  an  individual's  life. .     ,To  perform  an  action ,and which  leads  to  the  enjoyment  of  results  ,  he does  need  a body . Actions  start  giving  results  at  different  times  . So  the  actions  may  not  fructify  in  this  life  time. . So  the  individual  takes  on a  new  body  to  go  through  the  karma phala. of  the  actions  done  in  some  past. . The  ego  identifies  with  this  body   ,due  to  its  past  actions   and  says  ' I  am  a  man '  'I  am  a  woman'.. Like  the  intellect,  the  body  too  is  inert  ,yet  the  individual  thinks  ,the  body  is  alive  .. The  sentiency  of  the  ego is  superimposed  on  the  body   and  the  shape  and  colour  of  the  body  on the  ego. 

                          The  third  identification  will  be  explained  in the  next  page.    

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