Thursday, 16 June 2016

Drg drsya viveka - verse 11


Drg  drsya  viveka -verse 11

                        The  verse 11  says  :  the  thought  modifications  of  the  inner  equipment  having  attained  an  identity  with  the  reflected  consciousness  in  the  dream  state  projects  impressions   and  in the  waking  state  imagines  objects  outside  with  the  help  of  the  sense  organs . The  though  is  inert  by  itself  and  belongs  to  the  mind   and  the  mind  is  also  inert. . Thoughts  have  the  power  to  borrow  consciousness  directly  from  the  sakshi  chaitanyam .. It  is  called  cidabhasa.   The  sakshi  illumines  both  the  mind  and  the  thoughts  that  arise  in the  mind. When  we  experience  something,  the  relevant  thought  arises   and  the  reflected  consciousness  is  formed  in the  thoughts  and  the  experience  is  known. 

                       In  deep sleep  state  ,there  are  almost  no  thoughts  present  and  the  very  blankness  of  the  deep sleep  state  is  an  experience. . The  absence  of  experience  in deep sleep  state  has  to  be  registered  in the  form  of  an  experience   and  hence  requires  a  thought. . There  is  a  thought  registering  blankness  in  the  deep  sleep  state.  In  the  dream  state  ,thoughts  come  from  our own  past  experiences  which  are  registered  in our  mind  as  memory. . They  get  activated  by  our  vasanas.  In  the  waking  state  ,thoughts  go  through the  sense  organs  which  illumine  the  external  world.   The  external  world  is  experienced  only  because  of  the  vrittis . They  are  responsible  for  the  subjective  world  in  dream   and  the  objective  world  in the  waking  state . When  thoughts  are  dissolved  in the  deep sleep  state  ,no  world  is  experienced. . The  thought part  of  the  mind  functions  because  of  its  association  with  cidabhasa .

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