Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Drg drsya viveka- verse 32

Drg  drsya  viveka-  verse 32.

                      In  some  versions  , the  text  itself  ends  with  verse 31 but   in certain  other  versions  some more  verses  are  given.. Verse  32  talks  about  a  new  approach  to  Vedantic  teaching.. The  author  talks   about  3  jivas within  one  individual. . The  first  is  paramarthika  jiva,  the  second  is the  vyavaharika  jiva   and  the  third  is  the  pratibhasika  jiva. .  The  first  is  the  original  Consciousness  in  the  individual   and  is  satyam. . It  exists  independently  of  the  mind  body  complex. It  survives  the  death  of  the  body-mind . It  cannot  make  any  transactions  without  the  body-mind. .  The  second  is  the  same  original  Consciousness  but  which  is  reflected  in the  body  mind  complex  called  chidabhasa  ,  as  life  in the  body. . This  Consciousness  is  available  for  transactions  . This  is  called  the  vyavaharika  jiva. 

                 When  the  waker   creates  a  new  dream  ,body  mind  sense  complex  is  created  by  nidra  sakti  to  experience  the  dream . When  the  person  wakes  up,  the  pratibhasika  body  mind  and  the  corresponding  jiva   and  the  dream universe  all  get  resolved  in  the  waker. .  The  vyavaharika  mind  is  resolved  in  deep  sleep  state  , the  vyavaharika  jiva   and  the  vyavaharika  universe   are  all  resolved  . The  paramarthika  jiva  never  is  resolved  . It  ever  is  . Instead  of  claiming  the  other  two  jivas  , one  has  to  claim  oneself  to  be  the  paramarthika  jiva. 

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