Thursday, 29 September 2016

The pancha maha yagnas.

The  pancha maha yagnas.

                         We  have  seen  that  actions  are  categorised   as  uttama  karmani,  madhyama  karmani  and  adhama  karmani  based  on their  spiritual  influence  on  us. . Uttama  karmas  are  selfless  actions  which  bring  maximum  benefit  to  maximum  people.  and  bring  us  maximum  spiritual  growth. . Scriptures  present  us  with  five  such  actions  popularly  known   as  pancha  maha  yagnas. .  In  the  Bhagavad  Geeta  ,  Lord  Krishna  has  given  a  new  meaning to  the  term  'yagna'. . Yagnas  are  self- dedicated  activities  performed  in a  spirit  of  service  to  the  many. .  All  actions  done  without  ego  or  ego  centric  desires  fall  under  the  category  of  yagnas. 

                    The  first  yagna  is  Deva  yagna  -  offering  prayers  and  worshipping  God. . The  noblest  among  all  prayers  is  praying  for  the  welfare   and  happiness   of  the  entire  world  of  beings  .. The  second  is  Pitru  yagna  ,in  which  we  express  our  gratitude  to  all  our  forefathers  because  of  whom  we  are  here. . The  third  is  Brahma  yagna  ,which  is  expressing  our  gratitude  to  the  rishis who  have  given   us the  Vedas  and  all  secondary  scriptures. . We  express  our  gratitude  to  the  Guru- shishya  parampara  for  the  preservation  and  propagation  of  the  scriptural  teachings. In  the  Geeta  , the  Lord  says  that  whoever  teaches  the  Geeta  is  dear  to  Him  . So  it  becomes  our  duty  to  study  the  scriptural  texts  and  spread  the  knowledge  contained  in  them  to  others  to  the  best  of  our  ability. . The  fourth  , is  Manushya  yagna  in  which  all  forms  of  social  service  will  come  under  this  yagna  ,like  giving  charities  ,  running  orphanages  ,  old  age  homes,  building  schools  and  hospitals  etc. . The  fifth  and  last  is  the  Bhuta  yagna  which  is  expressing  gratitude  to  all  other  living  creatures  ,  to  the  plant,  bird  and  animal  life  too    and  keeping  the  environment  clean  and  the  rivers  pollution  free. 

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