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The threefold exercise in jnana yoga.

The  threefold  exercise in  jnana yoga.

                        The  threefold exercise  in  jnana  yoga  are  Sravanam, Mananam  and Nidhidhyasanam .   Sravanam  is  receiving the  scriptural  teachings  from  a  competent  Guru. . It  involves  a  systematic  and  continuous  study  of  the  scriptures  for  a  length  of  time  ,during  which  time  ,the  student  does  not  ask  any  questions  . Sravanam  is  not  just  hearing  but  listening  attentively  to  the  teachings  . The  seeker  has  to  thereupon  do   independent  reflections  on  the  lessons  he  has  listened  from  the  master.  He  is  allowed  to  ask  questions  to  clear  all  his  doubts  ,so  that  his  knowledge becomes  doubt  free. . He  should  become  completely  free  of  all  doubts   and  get  convinced  of  the  facts  presented  by  the  scriptures. . Mananam  is  an  intellectual  process  . Sravanam  removes  ignorance  of  the  scriptural  teachings  , Mananam  makes  his  knowledge  doubt  free   and  Nidhidhyasanam  is  contemplating  on  the  Truths  presented  to  him  by  the  scriptures. 

              Nidhidhyasanam  is  the  process  of  assimilation  or  internalisation  of  the  teaching  ,so  that  the  the  Truths  become  our  own  . We  have  to  a  great  extent  raga,  dwesha,  likes  and  dislikes  ,  kama  and  krodha  ,  lobha moha,  mada  and  matsaryam   and  fear  of  the  unknown  ,of  the  future. . If  we  continue  to  have  these  emotional  problems  even  after  the  three  exercises  , it  only  means  that  this  knowledge  has  not  been  assimilated  and   made  our  own.  . The  Guru  of  course  helps  us  in  this  process  ,yet  we do  need  sometime  to  allow  the  transformation  to  take  place. . As  seekers  we  should  keep  in touch  with  saints  and  great  masters  to  keep  ourselves  connected  to  the  sastras. . We  should  also  lead  an  alert  life  monitoring  all  our  responses   and  make  sure  that  all  our  responses  to  every  situation  is  governed  by  the  new  teaching  . These  three  exercises  will  give  self-knowledge  and  that  in  turn  will  help  us  attain  moksha. 

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