Saturday, 26 November 2016

Ways to develop the viveka sakti

Ways  to develop the  viveka  sakti 

               A  sincere  seeker  would  want  to  know  what  are  the  ways  in which  he  can  develop  his  viveka  sakti   and  vairagya  . Today,  we  shall  see  how  we  can  develop  our  viveka  sakti. . We  never  nourish  our  intellect   and  we  never  try  to  develop  our  intellectual  capacity. . So  it  becomes  gross just  as  when  we  eat  junk  food  which  is  gross,  our  body  does  not  get  any  nourishment  from  such  food. . Proper  nourishment  for  the  intellect  is  to  think  logically   and  increase  its  capacity  to  discriminate   and  make  the  right  choices  in  life. . When  we  study  scientific  and  spiritual  literature  ,  our  thinking  becomes  deeper. . The  best  time  to  take  up  the  study  of  spiritual  texts  is  between  4. am  and  6  am. . This  helps  in  making  our  intellect  sharp  ,thereby  developing  the  discriminative  powers. 

          As  the  quest  for  knowledge  comes  in the  mind  of  a  seeker, he  should  keep  on  asking  at  every  step in his  life  ,whether  whatever  he  is  doing  is  right  or  wrong. .  Is  this  world  of  plurality  that  he  deals  with  everyday  , is  it  satyam  and  how  much  true  is  this  world  of  objects ?. When  he  starts  studying  the  spiritual  texts  ,  he  comes  to  understand  at  least  theoritically   , that  Brahman  alone  is  satyam  and  the  world  of  plurality  is  mithya. . It  appears  real,  The  world  cannot  be  discarded  as  unreal  , because,  the  world  is  very  much  experienced  by everyone. . It  cannot  be  called  real  , because  the  very  definition  of  satyam  is  that  which  exists  in all  the  three  periods  of  time,  the  past,  present  and  future. . This  world  is  available  to  us  only  in our  waking  state   . In  the  dream  state,  a  world  of  our  own  is  projected  . In  the  deep  sleep  state  ,  the  world  disappears  . So  this  world  which  is  not  available  in all  the  three  avastas  , cannot  be  called  satyam. . So  what  we  can  say  about  this  world  is  , it  is  seemingly  real ,  it  is  mithya. . So  the  quest  for  knowledge  leading  to  a  serious  study  of  the  scriptural  texts  , will  help  the  seeker  ask  questions about  each  and  everything  in this  world  and  arrive  at  a  logical answer. . This  questioning  mind  helps  him  to  increase  his  viveka  sakti. 

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