Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Samadanam .

Samadanam  means  concentration. It  means  the  focussing  capacity. . This  refers  to  the  capacity  to  focus  on  the  goal  that  I  have  fixed  ,inspite  of  many  obstacles  and  distractions. . It  is  the  single  pointedness  of  the  mind  to  attain  a  goal. . Usually  the  mind  wanders  and  gets  distracted  by  the  variety  of  attractive  things  found  in the  external  world   and  the  mind  wanders  more  so  if  there  is  no  single  goal  in  mind  . Only  with a  single  goal  the  mind  and  our  efforts  become  concentrated   and  our  spiritual  progress   becomes  faster. 

   Samadanam  is  the  state  of  mind  where  we  have  focussed  our  mind  on  a  single  goal   and  we  have  a single  pointed  mind  to  reach  our  destination  . . To  reach  our  destination  ,  which is  attaining  Moksha  ,  we  need  to  control  the  mind  from  its  wanderings  into  sensual  fields  (  sama  )   and  control  the  senses  from  gratification  (  dama )  . It  is  easy  to  have  a  control  over  our  mind  and  senses  only  we  have  fixed  a  higher  goal  . Naturally  control  of  the  mind  and  senses  become  easier  when  we  learn  to  withdraw  from  worldly  pursuits  (  uparama  )  and  then  develop  titiksha  , endurance  for  facing  all  discomforts  in  life   and  with  shraddha  we  faithfully  walk  the  path  shown  to  us  by  our  Guru   and  scriptures  . Here  what  is  important  to  understand  is  we  find  that  all  the  six  disciplines  in  the  samadi  shatka  sampatti  are  inter connected  . Developing  one  quality  will  lead  us  to  developing the  other  qualities  as  well. . So  when  we  come  to  absorb  our  mind  in  the  Self  , to  the  exclusion  of  all  our  thoughts  ,  it  is  called  samadanam.        

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  1. Useful description for a novice. Understanding and absorbing will take time which I hopefully would accomplish. Thank you for the detailing.