Friday, 27 January 2017

Atma -anatma viveka

            The  Consciousness  principle  is  called  Atma. and  the  sharira  trayam which  is  made up  of  matter  is  called  anatma .. The  individual  is  a  mixture  of  spirit  and  matter, of  Self  and  not-self. Each  individual  has to develop  the understanding  that  everyone  is  a  mixture  of  both  these  factors.  and  learn  to  differentiate  the  Self  from  the  not-self  and  finally  to  claim  Atma  as one's  own  real  nature. 

           This  claiming   Atma as  my  true  Self  and  differentiating  the  Atma  from  the  anatma  involves  two  processes. . I  am different  from  whatever  I  experience .   I , the  experiencer  , is the  subject   and  therefore  , I  ,the  experiencer  ,is  different  from  whatever  is the experienced  object. . I  experience  the  world  of  objects   ,I  also  experience  my  own  body-mind complex . I  am  different  from  all  the  things  I  experience  and  they  are  all  different  from  me  as  they  are  the  objects  of  my  experience. . The  second  process  involved   is  that  I  ,the  experiencer, am  free  from  all  the  attributes of  the  experienced  objects. . All  known  attributes  belong  to  the  known material  objects . I  am  the  knower  of  the  attributes   and  therefore  I  am  free  from  all  the  attributes. .   So  I am   different  from  whatever  I  experience   and  I  am free  from  all  the  attributes  of  objects  that  I  experience .

         Atma  is  chaitanya  swaroopa , is  of the  nature  of  Consciousness . Atma  is    independent ,as  it  is  a  Consciousness  principle , it  does  not  depend  on  anything  for  its  existence.  or  on the  attributes  belonging  to  matter.  Atma  is  nirguna,  attributeless. . Atma  continues  to  exist  even  when  matter  perishes  ,so  we  say  Atma  is  nitya  . Atma  is beyond  time  and  space . Atma  is sarvagataha  , boundless  and  all  pervading . . Atma  is  ekaha. . Atma  is  one  consciousness  principle behind  all  bodies  ,so  it  can  be  only  one. . Atma  is  the  fourth  factor  , the  Turiyam  , in the  personality  of  every  individual .  Atma  is  advitiam  , non dual 

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